How We Work At QuickSilver CopyWriters




Discovering Your Story:

  • We want to find your voice. Capture your passion. And uncover that story waiting to be told.

  • Open discussion is essential, so we'll ask questions, ask a few more, and ask more still.

  • We value every tidbit of information you can contribute; even those that may appear insignificant. Seemingly unrelated morsels expertly blended can add just the right spice to the mix.

  • Materials needed:  

    • Current Brochures and Newsletter.

    • Ad or Article Copy.

    • Copies of Speeches or Presentations.

    • Press Releases.

    • Market Plans and Research.

    • Competitors' Brochures and Ads.

    • Testimonials and Customer Letters.

    • Instruction manuals. 

    Don't worry about organizing your materials--that's part of the fun!


Our Process:

  • Meet in person, by phone or email. (We never charge for initial evaluation.)

  • Submit a bid within 48 hours of first meeting. Upon approval, supply a detailed letter of agreement.

  • Graciously accept 50% up-front payment.

  • Analyze gathered data: all notes taken during meeting, taped interviews (if authorized), background information provided, etc.

  • Energized from unearthing your story (and lots of coffee), glue ourselves to the keyboard and write until our fingers ache.

  • Present first draft for revision (two revisions included; any extras charged hourly).

  • Equipped with your suggestions, return to computer and rework copy (more coffee).

  • Upon final approval, invoice outstanding amount and request payment within 15 days.

  • An interest rate of 2% a month will be added to any unpaid balance.


  • We charge by the project or by the hour.

  • Project pricing includes: a determined number of meetings, research, brainstorming, necessary interviews, and of course, the writing (with above mentioned revisions).

  • Not included: out-of-pocket expenses, out-of-area travel, elements considered design in nature (i.e., layout or special formatting), or accelerated delivery.

  • If project is cancelled for any reason, completed work will be billed at hourly rate.

  • We'll be happy to do a rush job (for a 50% surcharge).

  • Delivery methods (unless otherwise specified): by email (MS Word attachment) or printed copy sent by U.S. mail.

  • We retain the right to use the copy as promotional material (or you can pay the 100% premium for exclusivity.)

  • Your copyright priviliges to the completed work begin as soon as your account is paid in full.

Our Promise:

  • We don't require handholding or prodding to keep on task. (Kibitzing optional.)

  • While we will do everything in our power to meet your expections, we cannot predict delays beyond our control. We may ask for your patience under certain circumstances.

  • We maintain a professional attitude. Our job is to make your job easier.

  • Remember our motto:  On Time. On Target. On Budget.

  • And we'll be happy to make room on our site for your testimonial about what a joy we were to work with!


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"With Andy & Shawn's help, 'Snapshots from the Soul' became a reality. They demonstrated great sensitivity and compassion and we enjoyed working with them very much."

~Dennis E. Chapman, Associate Executive Director, City Union Mission, KC, MO


“Andy and Shawn are copywriters you can count on to understand your business and your customers. I couldn’t be more impressed with the copy they provided us. Their work is excellent. I look forward to working with them again soon.”

~Kevin Fryer


"A book would not be enough room to compliment Shawn on her work. Her professionalism comes first even if it means staying up late at night to answer all your question. She works tirelessly to get the best results possible. Her attitude, caring, and devotion are unique and I'm thankful I had the chance to work with her."

~ Olga O'Mara


"Andy is a no fluff wordsmith with high direct response, long copy talent. His work will lift interest in your website. His ability to get up to speed on your unique business model is impressive. He is persistent to completing projects and takes personal pride in the quality of his work. He is honest and knows what drives sales. If you are lucky enough to get him, you will get above average copy for a fair price. I'd use Andy anytime."

~ Christopher Hebard
Pruett Media